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New York, NY

Our Contribution
  • Landing Page Design & Development


We were approached by a client of ours with whom we worked in 2016 on a much larger project to build a long-form landing page that aimed to gauge interest of a specific audience on a new mobile app. Since we were designing a promo site for a non-existent app, our main challenge was to visualize some of the key UI components of the app that concisely communicated the value of the product in a visual manner to young adults who were identified as ZipFeed's target audience.

Our Approach

We started the project with a bit of research of social media management tools that were currently available in the marketplace. Together with out client we categorized all of the products we had found and identified some of the key competitors, noting some of the key features for each of the competing products. Additionally, we put together a list of ZipFeed features that we wanted to highlight and started working on actual UI components of the app to be placed on the page as supporting visuals for key product features. Once these critical assets were designed, we focused on the layout and structure of the landing page, working in custom iconography into the design to support the messaging.

Our Solution

Our design team developed a color palette and visual language with ZipFeed’s target audience in mind. We designed a number of the UI components for a non-existent mobile app and used these assets throughout the design of the landing page to communicate the value of the app. Once the design was finalized and approved by the client, our front-end developer built out the site in Webflow, and we were live in the matter of weeks!


  • Webflow