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San Francisco, CA

Our Contribution
  • Product Design
  • Website Design & Development


We started working with Intricately in January 2017, and over the course of the year our relationship with the founders of this young Bay Area startup has blossomed into a productive long-term collaboration. We mainly worked on Intricately’s product, helping with UX/UI design of new features in an effort to release an enterprise-grade product that offered an easy way for sales teams to do their prospecting. Intricately’s marketing site? Yes, we designed and developed it, too!

Our Approach

As with any complex enterprise SaaS product, we first learned as much as possible about Intricately's customers and studied daily usage patterns of the Intricately's web app and Chrome extension. Together with the founding team, we identified all of the major pain points and started working on improving key product components, following an agreed upon product roadmap.

Our Solution

Together with the folks at Intricately we’ve built and launched a number of new product features that addressed all of the issues identified during the initial discovery phase. Along the way we added new product components aimed at increasing engagement and converting unpaid users to an enterprise-grade experience that opens up full capabilities of Intricately’s product.


  • Webflow