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Mountain View, CA

Our Contribution
  • Website Design & Development


CareSkore approached us with a well-scoped web design and development project, and we were happy to help! What at first sounded like as a straight-forward web design project turned into a bit of a branding exercise during the first couple of weeks. Aside from an attractive logo the folks at CareSkore didn’t have much in terms of branding components that were needed for the new site, and we were challenged with creating custom illustrations and iconography that would appeal to their target audience and eventually become part of the company’s visual language. Once we worked out some of the branding issues with the team at CareSkore, it was time to get started with design and development of a responsive marketing site that aimed to introduce a rather complex software product to an audience in a medical field.

Our Approach

We usually start our web design projects with preliminary research, and this project was not an exception. We worked with the marketing team to understand the content strategy and learn about the site’s audience. It was crucial for us to understand how the software CareSkore was building would address the needs of their audience in order to design an website that clearly conveyed the company’s offering.

Our Solution

In the beginning stages we offered the executive team at CareSkore a few design options and quickly decided on the overall concept and visual direction of the site. We worked on the information architecture in parallel with the initial design concepts, and that allowed us to move fairly quickly through the initial design stages. Even before the designs for all of the pages were completed, we started laying the foundation for the development work using Bootstrap. We delivered a fully responsive website to CareSkore in less than three months!


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